Graduation Day



Parents’ Council

1 Ms. Rumana Tabassum – Convenor
2 Dr.Afsari Jan
3 Ms.Asma Fathima
4 Ms.Bushra Tasleem

Alumni Association
“Sangama” is registered and the alumni’s contribute a fixed amount every year which is used by the college for purchasing furniture, paying the fee for the deserving students, improving the Infrastructure of the college etc.

1 Ms.Devi. K – Convenor
2 Ms.Arifa Begum
3 Ms.Fakiha Banu
4 Ms.Sadath Sultana
5 Ms.Kavitha. N
6 Ms.Shahnila Hina

Editorial Board/Publication Committee
plans for activities such as essay writing, Debate, publishes News Letters & College Magazines, where in it encourages the students to showcase their talents.

1 Prof. Sabiha Zubair Khan – Convenor
2 Ms.Mumtaz Begum S.M
3 Ms.Asma Fathima
4 Dr.Mamata Almel
5 Ms.Khuteja Banu
6 Mr.Nadeem Z.A

Cultural Club
organises all types of cultural activities such as singing, mehendi, rangoli, shows movies which develops the students communication skill & improve the personal confident level.

1 Prof. Sabiha Zubair Khan – Convenor
2 Ms.Mumtaz Begum S.M
3 Ms.Asma Fathima
4 Dr.Mamata Almel
5 Ms.Khuteja Banu
6 Mr.Nadeem Z.A

Women Entrepreneurship Development
conducts various activities which builds entrepreneurial qualities among students which in turn empower them to take up future business. Under Earn while you learn scheme Food Court was organised in the campus.

1 Prof. Sabiha Masroor – Advisor
2 Prof. Mumtaz Begum.S.M
3 Ms. Fakiha Banu
4 Ms. Sadath Sultana

Business Lab
takes keen interest in training the students on various concepts like Online trading in Stock exchange, Creating E-mail ID, Presentation, Case study, Documentaries on Women Empowerment.

1 Dr.G.Subramanya – Advisor
2 Ms.Asma Banu – Convenor
3 Ms.Bi Bi Ayesha
4 Mr.Nadeem Z.A
5 Ms.Kavitha. N

Placement/Training & Development Cell (Pehchaan)
The cell takes keen interest in moulding the personality of the students by giving them training to face the global challenges. It instils confidence in them and making them corporate ready. Providing them campus to corporate training programme for 30hrs It conducts various activities such as preplacement training, tally course and various lectures by professionals

1 Ms. Asma Banu – Convenor
2 Ms.Bi Bi Ayesha
3 Ms.Devi. K
4 Ms. Bushra Tasleem
5 Ms.Shahnila Hina

Counselling Cell
take care of identifying students problems & provide guidelines to get right solutions.

1 Prof.Nishath Khalida Parveen – Advisor
2 Ms. Noor Ayesha – Convenor
3 Ms. Ayesha Sultana
4 Ms. Bi Bi Hajira
5 Ms. Shireen Firdouse

Student Grievances Redressal Cell
Each floor is facilitated with complaint box,so that collection of Grievances becomes easy. Every month, end of fourth week that is last Saturday complaint boxes are unlatched actions are taken to resolve. On line lodging of complaint is facilitated recently.

1 Ms. Bi Bi Hajira – Student Welfare Officer
2 Ms.Asma Banu
3 Ms.Shireen Firdouse
4 Ms.Suman
5 Ms.Khuteja Banu
6 Ms.Kavitha

Community Orientation Cell/NSS Cell

1 Prof.Aseema Perveen – Advisor
2 Ms.Kavitha. N – Convenor
3 Ms.Mumtaz Begum S.M
4 Ms.Rumana Tabassum
5 Ms.Bi Bi Ayesha
6 Mr. Nadeem Z.A
7 Ms.Asma Banu

Eco Club
Vana Belaku
visited neighbouring market and enlighten them about E-Waste, also collected E-Waste from the shops. They visited Nurseries with the students to create awareness about the Herbal Plants.

1 Dr. Afsari Jan
2 Ms.Shireen Firdouse
3 Ms. Bi Bi Ayesha

Women Empowerment  Cell
Lecture programmes Meditation, Yoga, Karate, Health issues, Nutrition tips & pepper sprays.Awareness programmes on gender equity & sensitization legal rights of women. Documentary movies on famous women. Competitions like essay, collage, Debate etc. Panel discussion forums. Blog writing ,Collaboration with NGO’S Face book link. Women achievers award (Proficiency & award) Guidance to write research papers.

1 Prof. Sabiha Masroor – Advisor
2 Ms. Bi Bi Hajira – Convenor
3 Ms.Fakiha Banu
4 Ms.Sadath Sultana
5 Ms. Shireen Firdouse
6 Ms.Kavitha. N

Prevention of Sexual Harrasment Cell
To increase awareness about sexual harassment & its prevention at Institution & workplace. To have a dialogue about sexual harassment & provide guidelines for addressing it.

1 Prof. Aseema Perveen – Advisor
2 Ms.Rumana Tabassum – Convenor
3 Ms.Arifa Begum
4 Ms.Noor Ayesha

Equal Opportunity Cell

1 Prof. Nishath Khalida Parveen – Advisor
2 Ms.Asma Fathima – Convenor
3 Ms.Bushra Tasleem
4 Ms.Devi. K
5 Ms.Suman

Sports Committee

1 Mr. Nadeem Z.A – Convenor
2 Ms. Mumtaz Begum S.M
3 Dr.Mamatha Almel
4 Ms.Sameen Uzma