Graduation Day



The College has established a functional IQAC as a Post Accreditation Quality Enhancement & Sustenance Measure. It is a part of a Institutions system that work towards realizing the goals of quality sustenance activity. This is a Prestigious & significant department set up by UGC to stimulate the academic environment for the Promotion of Quality of Teaching, Learning & Research in Higher Educational Institutions.


  1. Chairperson : Principal
  2. Co-ordinator : Dr. M.S Vidya
  3. Asst. Co-ordinator: Ms. Syeda Tabassum S.G


  1. Prof. Sabiha Zubair Khan : HOD of Urdu
  2. Prof. Mumtaz Begum S.M : HOD of Hindi

Students Representatives

  1. Ms. Bi Bi Ayesha : III B.A
  2. Ms. Gnaneshwari : III B.Com


  1. Development and application of quality benchmarks/Prameters for various academic administrative activity of the institution.
  2. To encourage Departments to organize Seminars, Workshops, FDPs etc.,
  3. Documentation of Various Programme/Activity leading to quality improvement.
  4. To Promote research culture among staff
  5. Development of quality culture in the Insttution.
  6. Arrangement for feedback response from students, Parents & other Stoke holders on quality related institutional process.
  7. Preparation Institution of IQAC as per guidelines of NAAC.


It aims at evolving Internal Process for Self analysis & assessment. To ensure that quality standards are met, IQAC undertakes

  1. Faculty development programmes.
  2. ICT policies are evolved.
  3. Preparing for a paradigm shift from teaching to learning.
  4. Creativity & classroom Management.
  5. Learning based on doing things not merely by knowing things
  6. To act as a change agent in Institution.

IQAC is currently poised to welcome NAAC to asses & accreditation of the Institution.


Prof. Zubeda Begum

Dr. M.S. Vidya

All HODS are the members