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The College has established a functional IQAC as a Post Accreditation Quality Enhancement & Sustenance Measure. It is a part of a Institutions system that work towards realizing the goals of quality sustenance activity. This is a Prestigious & significant department set up by UGC to stimulate the academic environment for the Promotion of Quality of Teaching, Learning & Research in Higher Educational Institutions.

Composition of IQAC 2019-20

  1. Chairperson : Prof. Zubeda Begum, (Principal, abbas Khan College for Women).
  2. Co-ordinator of IQAC : Dr. M.S Vidya, (H.O.D Kannada).
  3. Asst. Co-ordinator:
    1. Ms. Syeda Tabassum S.G, (H.O.D of Commerce).
    2. Prof. Noor Ayesha, (H.O.D of Computer Science).
  4. Teachers Representative:
    1. Ms. Asma Banu, (Lecturer, Dept of Commerce and Management).
    2. Ms. Fakiha Banu, (Lecturer, Dept of Economics).
  5. Management Representative: Dr Zaheeruddin Ahmed, (General Secretary, CMA).
  6. Office Superintenden: Ms. Vasanthi R.
  7. Student Members:
    1. Fathima Khanum. III BA.
    2. Javeriya Khanum. III BBA.
  8. External Advisor: Prof. Mohana, (Associate Professor, Dept of Commerce, GFGC, Kengeri).


It aims at evolving Internal Process for Self analysis & assessment. To ensure that quality standards are met, IQAC undertakes

  1. Faculty development programmes.
  2. ICT policies are evolved.
  3. Preparing for a paradigm shift from teaching to learning.
  4. Creativity & classroom Management.
  5. Learning based on doing things not merely by knowing things
  6. To act as a change agent in Institution.

IQAC is currently poised to welcome NAAC to asses & accreditation of the Institution.


  1. Development and application of quality benchmarks/Prameters for various academic administrative activity of the institution.
  2. To encourage Departments to organize Seminars, Workshops, FDPs etc.,
  3. Documentation of Various Programme/Activity leading to quality improvement.
  4. To Promote research culture among staff
  5. Development of quality culture in the Insttution.
  6. Arrangement for feedback response from students, Parents & other Stoke holders on quality related institutional process.
  7. Preparation Institution of IQAC as per guidelines of NAAC.


Prof. Zubeda Begum

Dr. M.S. Vidya

All HODS are the members

IQAC Proceedings.

Calendar of Events.

Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct & Handbook

Curriculum Feedback

Extended Profile

Feedback from Stakeholders

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