Graduation Day



“If you have much, give off your wealth, if you have little given off your heart”. This Arabic saying rightly fits into the life and activities of such great men, who joined hands to establish an organization called Sadar Anjuman-e-Musalmanane Mysore and Bangalore in April 1904. In 1909, the Association was registered with the new name Central Muslim Association of Karnataka. Syed Hafeez Saheb Bahadur was nominated as the first President of the association in 1918. Nawab Gulam Ahmed Kalami Saheb became his successor and served the community for 30 long years.

Khan Bahadur Abbas Khan was the first General Secretary of the Association. They worked untiringly for the progress of Muslims in Mysore State. They became a part of almost all the movements, which were useful for the socio-economic, religious and political development of Muslims. This Association is the proud symbol of guarding the rights of Muslims of Karnataka. Today, the C M A of Karnataka is a century old Association, having its roots in the city of  Bangalore. It has spread its tentacles to different parts of  Karnataka.

“Educate to Enlighten” became the motto of this Organization. The esteemed and revered founder members of the Association had the vision and forethought to plan for hundred years ahead, to give education to people. They had realized the fact that, Education is a socially viable tool to empower the less privileged. Hence, a number of educational institutions came to be established in different parts of Karnataka. The Association also takes up lot of welfare and relief work for the upliftment of the backward community of Muslims. The present team of Central Muslim Association of Karnataka is in none other than the esteemed and revered personalities, who are carrying forward the torch lit by their forefathers.