Graduation Day



“Knowledge is power

Information is liberating

Education is the Premises of Progress,

in every society, in every family” _Kofi  Annan

I deem it a pleasure to welcome you all to the Website of our esteemed Institution.

This website showcases the Academic & Cultural activities of the College

“Education is not just learning but it trains the mind and enables to question”.

In today’s ever challenging World, what we need is the wholesome education which celebrates the all round development of an individual, making a student to be the responsible member of the society and nation as a whole.

Our college aim is to create an atmosphere of excellence and hardwork with committed teaching and expert support staff.

The management encourages all our endeavors. NEP has been implemented which helps the all round development of the students. The congenial and secular atmosphere of the college inspires each and every student to grow and find success in her life.

We are happy to share with you that the college is celebrating its 50th year in 2024 which is backed by century old management.

Added to this, in the third cycle of NAAC we have been accredited B++ and awaiting for “A” grade in the next cycle.

As the insignia of our college denotes “Entry into the light of knowledge from the darkness of ignorance”, everyone of us have strive to work hard for the empowering of the students by educated, efficient, talented and secular citizens for the nation.

Best Wishes.